Flowers Explained in Fewer than 150 Words

Flowers are one of the most popular motifs in literature and television. Whether they are given as a gift or are mentioned as a favorite plant, flowers can tell you a lot about a story and a character’s personality. Flowers are often used to convey themes of friendship, love, and caring.

Flowers Explained in Fewer than 500 Characters

A flower’s name, for instance, is derived from its shape. In addition, flowery names are often related to something related to the flower, such as “Name That Unfolds Like a Lotus Blossom,” or “Supertrope of Mystical Lotus.” In addition, flowery names can be related to concepts of transcendence or mysticalness. Interestingly, some flowers are also associated with LGBT sexual orientations. For example, the character Marluxia’s attributes and abilities are related to flowers. Her signature scythe resembles a flower stem.