How to Safely Transport Your Flowers?

How to Safely Transport Your Flowers?

How to Safely Transport Your Flowers

How to safely transport your flowers

Avoid putting flowers on the dashboard

Avoid placing your flowers in the trunk of your car or in the dashboard. Flowers need air to stay fresh and healthy, and a lack of oxygen will damage them. Another bad spot for flowers is the dashboard, where the bright sunlight can burn the petals and make the arrangement sag.

The best place to transport flowers is on the floor, not on the dashboard. If possible, wrap a blanket around the bottom of the vase to keep it from tipping over. You can also use the cupholders or seatbelt to hold the vases if they are small enough.

Avoid putting flowers in a refrigerator

While it may be tempting to place your cut flowers in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for a few days, this practice can cause your flowers to lose their color and fragrance. Most flowers are sensitive to ethylene gas, which is released by fruits and vegetables. Flowers should be placed in a cooler that stays at a moderate temperature.

In addition, flowers don’t like cold water because it slows down their water uptake. Cold water has higher oxygen content, which can cause air bubbles in the stems and reduce water uptake. Cold water can also cause bacterial growth, which is bad for your flowers. If you must place your cut flowers in a cooler, it may be best to add some sugar to the water. Additionally, a small amount of bleach will inhibit bacterial growth and extend the life of your flowers.

Avoid putting flowers in a bucket

Putting flowers in a bucket can be very dangerous. It can crush the petals or cause them to bend and bruise. Therefore, it is best to put your flowers in a clean bucket and put some clean water in it. If you don’t own one, you can borrow a bucket for $10 from a florist and return it afterwards. Another good way to transport your flowers safely is by using an air-conditioned vehicle. If possible, avoid placing your flowers in a truck bed or a bucket.

Another mistake to avoid when transporting flowers is to pack them too tightly. If you put too many flowers in one bucket, it will cause the bucket to wobble or slide. Use a tall, narrow bucket for each flower. You should keep the stems upright to prevent bruising and wilting while driving.

Avoid putting flowers in a car when it’s too cold

You shouldn’t put flowers in your car when it’s too cold because they’ll lose their blooms quickly. In fact, most flowers can’t survive the freezing temperatures. But there are tricks that will help keep your flowers from dying. These include placing a weight on one side of the container to prevent it from rattling around.

If you do leave your flowers in your car, make sure to place them in water as soon as you get home. They’ll survive the first few hours, but once the temperatures start to climb, they’ll die. Ideally, you should keep your flowers indoors for the first few days. Otherwise, they’ll likely lose their beauty within 3 to 4 hours.