What Are the Best Sympathy Flowers to Send?

What Are the Best Sympathy Flowers to Send?

What Are the Best Sympathy Flowers to Send?

What Are the Best Sympathy Flowers to Send?

There are so many things that you can do to help someone who is going through a tough time, and one of the most important is to send sympathy flowers. These are the flowers that will show the world that you are there for them. They are not only beautiful but they will also make the person who is hurting feel better.


Flowers are a beautiful and meaningful way to express your sympathy. They can help to bring a sense of light and hope during a difficult time. Roses are one of the most popular types of flowers to send when you are in a pinch. However, there are a number of different flowers to choose from.

In some cultures, roses are a symbol of deep love. Other people associate them with friendship. Red roses are often the choice of the bereaved.

While red roses are the most common choice of sympathy flowers, other colors carry meaning as well. White roses can symbolize innocence and purity. Yellow roses can represent friendship or warmth. Pink roses can symbolize gratitude and appreciation.

Another type of flower to consider is a gladioli. These bright blooms resemble lilies, but have more of a calming effect. Gladioli are a great choice for those who are in mourning. Their ability to uplift those in need makes them a perfect choice for sending to a loved one.

Lilies are another popular sympathy flower. They have a long history of being used to show support. They are known for their ruffled petals and their lovely scent. They also represent resurrection in Christian traditions.

Daffodils are another great sympathy flower. These bright blooms bring encouragement and spring to the family of the bereaved. Besides, the cheerful color of daffodils brings a reminder that a deceased loved one is not gone forever.

One of the oldest types of flowers in the world, carnations are a favorite sympathy flower. Carnations are also very fragrant. This makes them a good choice for a funeral wreath.

While some people might hesitate to send flowers to a bereaved friend or family member, it can be a very meaningful gesture. You can find many sympathy flower arrangements on the Internet. Or, you can make your own bouquet.


If you’re looking for a way to send an appropriate message, a statice flower is a good choice. These sweet flowers are a great symbol of sympathy and are also used as a gift. They are also suitable for remembrance wreaths.

Statice, also called sea lavender, is a member of the Limonium family. Its name is derived from the Greek word “limonium” which means meadow. The genus Limonium is home to over 120 species of flowering plants.

It is known for its beautiful colors. You can find white, purple, and blue versions of the plant. Each color has its own meaning, including beauty, remembrance, success, and more.

A white Static flower symbolizes innocence and purity. Other colors, such as red and pink, represent romance, passion, and power. Similarly, purple can convey mystery and nobility. Combined with other bright flowers, a purple Statice can bring a lot of life and vibrancy to your bouquet.

Since the Statice is a biennial, you can expect to see a variety of colors. This makes it a great choice for a wedding or funeral.

The plant is commonly used in dried flower arrangements. It’s also a popular addition to fresh bouquets.

The Static flower can also be used to help cure piles, tooth pain, ulcers, and more. It’s also a good plant for aromatherapy sessions.

You can grow the Statice in the backyard, but you’ll need to water the plant well and avoid overly dry soil. Fortunately, they’re drought-resistant. To keep the plant from going dormant, add a bit of fertilizer to the garden bed.

You can also add the statice flower to a dried arrangement. During the summer, you’ll notice the flowers become brighter and more colorful.


When choosing sympathy flowers for a loved one who has passed away, it’s important to choose the right type of flower. There are a few different kinds, each expressing a particular sentiment.

A lily symbolizes innocence, purity, and peace. These feelings are echoed in their large and fragrant blooms. They also bring a sense of rebirth to the soul. Using lilies in a funeral arrangement is a thoughtful way to honor a deceased loved one.

Other types of sympathy flowers include orchids and tulips. Orchids and tulips are both beautiful and durable. Often, they are used in conjunction with other types of flowers to make a stunning bouquet.

Carnations are another commonly chosen sympathy flower. They are dense blooms that are often found in wreaths. Their long-lasting nature makes them a popular choice.

Red roses are another common sympathy flower. They are associated with love and romance, but they can also be a sign of deep feelings of grief and mourning.

White carnations are also considered to be an appropriate sympathy flower. They are the symbol of purity, innocence, and remembrance.

Lilacs are also a popular sympathy flower. It represents purity, innocence, and youth. The fragrance of lilacs is very powerful.

Peace lily is another flower that can be used to represent sympathy. This is because the flower’s white blossoms resemble white flags.

Oriental lilies are another type of sympathy flower. These are beautiful, fragrant flowers that are ideal for a memorial service or a graveside burial. Using oriental lilies can help bring a sense of peace and comfort to a grieving family.

Choosing a sympathy flower can be difficult. It’s especially important to pick flowers that are symbolic of your relationship with the departed.


There are a variety of flowers to choose from when you’re looking to send sympathy flowers to someone who has passed. Whether you’re sending a small bouquet or a large funeral wreath, it’s important to select a flower that means something to you.

If you’re trying to convey a sense of beauty and affection, carnations are a great choice. They’re long-lasting, fragrant, and have a distinctive look. Carnations are often found in wreaths, standing sprays, and funeral wreaths.

Traditionally, white flowers symbolize innocence. White carnations also represent purity. These are ideal sympathy flowers for those who have lost a child. Pink carnations also symbolize remembrance.

Red carnations can represent deep feelings of love. Similarly, dark red carnations can express admiration and passion. While light red carnations are more flirty, they aren’t necessarily associated with romance.

In Asian countries, white chrysanthemums are a symbol of mourning. However, in European countries, these flowers are also used to commemorate the loss of a loved one.

Lilies are another popular choice for sympathy flowers. They’re associated with peace and innocence, and they remind the departed’s family that they were loved.

Daffodils are also a good choice. They are symbolic of spring and new beginnings. A daffodil is a cheerful bloom that will bring hope to a bereaved person.

Orchids are a universally-recognized symbol of enduring love. Orchids are long-lived and are the perfect sympathy gift. The orchid’s long-lasting fragrance is a fitting tribute to someone who has passed.

Choosing the right flowers is a difficult decision. But if you follow these tips, you can make sure you’re sending the right sympathy flowers. When choosing a bouquet, consider the recipient’s favorite colors.


Gladiolas are a beautiful addition to any sympathy arrangement. They add a bright pop of color to your design and make a statement of strength, sincerity, and moral integrity.

Gladiolas are a perennial flower that is native to warm climates. These bright flowers are available in a variety of colors and heights. Their tall flower stalk makes them ideal for creating a beautiful funeral tribute.

These beautiful blooms can be found in white, red, pink, and blue. Gladiolas are perfect for any occasion. For instance, they can be used as a centerpiece or added to a daisy and carnation bouquet.

In addition to their gorgeous colors, gladiolas are considered a symbol of remembrance. The name comes from the Latin word for sword, gladius. This plant was originally brought home from South Africa by Dutch traders.

Gladioli are commonly seen in fan sprays. These traditional arrangements are used in a variety of funeral settings.

Traditionally, gladiolas have been used in fan sprays to honor the memory of a loved one. However, they have also become an important floral component in many other funeral ceremonies.

Gladiolas are known for their bright colors, especially in summer. Their deep reds and blues look great with other flowers and can create a wonderful hydrangea and daisy bouquet.

Gladiolas can be purchased at a number of local retailers. You can buy heirloom varieties from Old House Gardens, Cates Family Glads, and Brent and Becky’s Bulbs. Telos Rare Bulbs ship July through October.

When selecting sympathy flowers, it’s important to choose the right color. Aside from the usual pinks and purples, you may want to consider white lilies. White lilies are often associated with purity and youth.