Which Flowers Are Best For Weddings?

Which Flowers Are Best For Weddings?
Which Flowers Are Best For Weddings?

Which Flowers Are Best For Weddings?

In a wedding, flowers are an important part of the decor. But which flowers are best for a wedding? There are a number of choices to choose from, including roses, gardenias, and calla lilies. If you’re unsure about which type to use, you can consult a florist.

Calla lilies

If you are looking for an elegant wedding flower that will be beautiful and affordable, calla lilies are a great option. They have a classic look that will complement a grand wedding, but their simple lines and sleek form will also look stunning at a modern wedding. The perfect time to get calla lilies for your wedding is during the summer, when they are in season and much cheaper.

These blooms are available in many different colors. The most common color for bridal bouquets is creamy ivory, though you can also find them in dark purple, which looks stunning in a cold-weather wedding. Calla lilies also make stunning centerpieces when placed in a tall vase. Their scent is often described as sweet, which makes them a perfect choice for weddings with a vintage theme.

The beautiful colors and textures of calla lilies make them a versatile choice for a wedding. They are great with hydrangeas, and coral-hued varieties are especially beautiful when combined with pastel aqua tones. This flower is soft, elegant, and the perfect choice for summer weddings.

Callas are the best choice for weddings because of their longevity and long vase life. You can use them alone or combine them with other flowers to create a monoflower wedding bouquet. You can also use them as part of a Halloween arrangement if you prefer the bold look. You can even combine them with different colors to make an eye-catching and unique wedding bouquet.


Gardenias are a great choice for a wedding bouquet. They’re native to Southern Asia and Japan and are symbolic of elegance. Depending on the type of gardenia you choose, they’ll look great tucked into your hair or scattered over the reception dinner table. Alternatively, you can choose a different flower for your wedding centerpiece such as a calla lily. These flowers have long stems and a trumpet-shaped flower, making them ideal for a dramatic centerpiece. They come in a variety of colors, including white, light purple, yellow, orange, and dark purple.

Gardenias are perfect for brides who don’t want to spend a lot of money on flowers. They are generally 3-5 inches wide, making them suitable for body flowers. They provide a wonderful fragrance that lasts all day long. To add to their beauty, gardenias can be placed on dark green leaves, wire, and even shear bows for ladies.

Gardenias are a beautiful choice for weddings because of their sweet scent. They can be used to decorate the bride’s hair or that of the bridesmaids, and they also look great on wedding cakes. If you have a multi-tiered wedding cake, consider using gardenias as an accessory on it. The scent is delightful and they’re the perfect way to make your wedding a memorable event.

Because gardenias are very delicate, they should be handled carefully. Use gloves when handling the flowers. You should also cut the stems at a 45-degree angle and split them into two pieces. This will allow the flower to absorb water more efficiently. Flowers absorb water better when it is warm than cold, so avoid freezing your gardenias in water.


Roses are a classic choice for any wedding. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they’re also reliable and affordable. The rose has over one hundred species and tens of thousands of varieties, making it the perfect flower for almost any wedding theme. They’re also reasonably long-lasting and come in many different shapes and colors, making them a great choice for a wedding floral arrangement. Rose petals are also versatile and work well in loose arrangements and formal bouquets. They’re great for any wedding theme and can look modern or traditional, depending on the wedding venue and interiors.

The most popular wedding flower, roses are available all year long and are a classic choice. While roses are a great choice for any season, they’re particularly stunning during late fall and early winter. Other popular choices include hellebore, a dusty purple flower that looks like eucalyptus. Also, camellias, a cross between a garden rose and dahlias, look beautiful in arrangements and make a great addition to your wedding flowers.

Roses are most commonly purchased in a variety of shades. They can be as elegant as white or as simple as light pink. Depending on the type of flower you select, you can also choose an unusual color that is not commonly used for a wedding. Using roses in your bouquet can make a big difference in the overall look of your wedding.


Carnations are perfect for your wedding because they are fresh and can be found year-round. They can be used as the bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and boutonnieres. You can even hang them from the ceiling, creating a unique decor element. They look gorgeous when arranged in a gradient color, like ombre.

Carnations come in a variety of colors, making them versatile in your floral design. You can mix and match carnations with other types of flowers, such as hydrangea or peonies. The key to creating a beautiful floral arrangement is finding the right floral pairing.

Carnations come in many colors, including white and red. The color red symbolizes love and affection. This color is popular for wedding flowers, and it pairs gracefully with a bride’s white gown. A bouquet made of red carnations will definitely make a statement! You can also create a similar look using other flowers, like roses.

You can use carnations for your wedding flower bouquet and as corsages for your bridesmaids. You can also use carnations as centerpieces, as they are affordable and versatile. Use carnations in a posy or a cluster bouquet to create a more full effect.

As the official flower for January, carnations were revered by the ancient Greeks for their beauty and versatility. During Victorian times, they were often used in Floriography to convey various sentiments. Red carnations were often used to express love and romance, and they were also popular in Victorian times.


Peonies are among the most popular wedding flowers. But did you know that they can be used creatively in wedding pictures? They add subtle texture and depth to your photos. Peonies can also be used in the bridal bouquet photo, which is one of the most important wedding moments. If you’re planning to have a small wedding with less than fifty guests, you may want to consider using peonies for your bridal bouquet instead of other flowers.

Peonies make a beautiful bouquet and pair well with a variety of other flowers. If you’re having a very casual wedding with a simple color palette, try peonies mixed with cabbage roses, dahlias, or sweet juliet roses. Carnations are also a great alternative to peonies, and they are available year-round.

Peonies are hardy, meaning they thrive in a garden environment. In the Midwest, they are common alongside old farmsteads. Peonies are hardy perennials, and they symbolize a happy marriage. Their bloom time varies, but in late spring or early summer, they’re in their peak bloom.

Peonies are a favorite among florists and brides. Their soft petals and ruffled shape make them a popular choice for bouquets. Peonies are also versatile and can work with any wedding theme. They make beautiful centerpieces for wedding tables, and they’re perfect for DIY bouquets, too.


Delphiniums are an outstanding choice for wedding flowers. These beautiful flowers are commonly used as centerpieces and are also popular for bridesmaid bouquets. They will add a touch of luxury and color to any decor. Delphiniums are a great choice for brides who want to create a romantic and enchanting ambiance.

You can also try DIY wedding flower arrangements using delphinium flowers. You can purchase stems at online floral stores like Flower Moxie and cut them yourself. Make sure to remove all the leaves below the water line and cut the stems at an angle. After that, place the stems in fresh water and add a floral preservative.

Delphiniums can fill large containers and give your wedding flowers height and texture. They can also be used as centerpieces and wedding arch flowers. They look lovely mixed with smaller flowers to create a wildflower feel. Delphiniums also make beautiful boutonnieres. They can even be mixed with other flowers to create a chandelier or other decorations.

Delphiniums are a versatile flower that works well in any floral arrangement. The blue blooms in delphiniums are beautiful with watercolor-esque hues. For a more classic look, you can go for a blush delphinium. A blush delphinium would look great in a mostly pink bouquet.